Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's A Date

I have lived by a datebook since my mid-twenties.  Before that time, I used to forget everything, especially appointments.  When I started my photography business in 1986 (I was only 10), I HAD to use a datebook.  Otherwise, I would never know where and when my weddings were.  I also had a large wall calendar that I could see from the phone when brides called asking if I was available.  We currently keep a monthly calendar on our fridge.  I use a datebook planner on my computer.  And I bought a lovely red datebook to keep with me while I am running around during the day.  Can't miss those important dates.


Hey look!  We are finally getting together with Kim and her family in March.  Wheee!  And I wrote it in pen, which means it MUST be important.

It is.

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  1. I have a date book too, but I keep forgetting to look in it. ;) The calendar on the fridge works a bit better for me, but %$&* ds#1 claims he never sees and therefore has no idea what we're up to each day.


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