Monday, January 18, 2010

Wake Up

I tried to participate in Project 365 last year, but I quickly realized at Day 3 that I had forgotten to take any pictures.  Yeah, me, no pictures.  There are times when I shoot 300 pictures in a day, so the thought of having no pictures to share is kind of weird.

Anyway...long story short.  I'm doing it this year.  Stick with me.  The pictures are probably going to be very random.  Random is my middle name.  Random is how my life rolls.

I officially started this project on January 1, but I just joined the online version today.  Wheeee!  Let's play a little catch up.

Okay, okay.  Here we go.  Random, random, random.

I am not a coffee drinker.  Ever.  I broke that rule while I was in school the last couple of years.  It wasn't unusual for me to be running on a couple of hours of a sleep a day.  About a handful of times, I bought a coffee...for medicinal purposes only, of course.  It worked.

I had less than three hours of sleep this recent day.  I wasn't even at work yet.  It was quite evident that I needed a boost.  So...I stopped into Mickey D's and purchased a cup of "Wake Up, Girl!!!"


It worked.

(Aren't cell phone cameras handy?)


  1. Your cell phone camera took that?! Holy cow...your cell phone takes better photos than my Canon. :>

  2. If anybody can do this 365 thing, it's you. I look forward to checking in throughout the year.


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