Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Soup's On

My hubby Doug is the main cook in this family. Yay for me!! He seriously loves it. He said that cooking to him is like photography to me. I now finally understand his passion for it.

It's homemade soup season here in our house. Another yay for me (and the kids, of course). There's nothing like having extra soup in the freezer for those nights when Doug is out of town. I mean, why would a girl cook when her man has left a ton of delish eats all ready to go?

So I take a picture instead. Scoop me up some of that soup, Babe.



  1. Hooray for hubbies who cook!! Your bowls and ladle are gorgeous...or maybe it's your photography that's gorgeous...

    I love it, too, when the hubbies make enough to freeze for later; I detest having to think of meals to make when he's not home for dinner.

  2. AAHHHH I LOVE the cooking hubby, we are deff a club ;)
    thankies for the comments, i am following you now, and I will post your url on my blog in a little bit ;)
    ""weeeeeeeeeee" lol


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