Saturday, February 6, 2010

Only The Best

When I was married in my past life (a.k.a. before the Big D), I had a beautiful set of bone china.  I registered for this stuff just like a good 21-year old bride.  Through the years, I ordered a few extra serving pieces.  I tried to use this china whenever I could find an excuse.

After about 13 years or so, I finally got a really big china cabinet.  Ooooh, now everything would fit in one place, and it looked so pretty, too. has a way of making necessary adjustments.  The Big D passed through and took with it lots of furniture.  Yep, that really big china cabinet.  I got to keep the china, though.

I have a new and wonderful life now with my soulmate hubby.  We have spent the last few years being true to ourselves and our families.  So far, I just haven't spent a lot of time thinking about replacing that really big china cabinet.  So I store my china here:


Under the stairs, right near the Swiffer and crockpot and dustpan and really big box of cooking oil for our turkey deep fryer.  hehe  Isn't that just hilarious? 

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  1. Well, it HAS to be stored somewhere...why not here? BTW, I'm eying the lettuce-shaped vase of yours; now, that's cute!


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