Friday, February 5, 2010

Still Here

I feel it is my duty to report that Matt is STILL wearing braces.  Yes, we are a little bummed.  He was set to get them off this week...or so we thought.  What Matt and I understood to be a "take these things off" appointment was actually a "let's see how straight your teeth are" appointment.  Argh.  BUT...we did set that "take these things off" appointment.  Two more months.

I need to compliment the kid, though.  His teeth are doing what they should be doing.  He HAS been wearing those rubberbands that I showed you yesterday.  It's just that the orthodontist did not schedule a long enough appointment.  Man oh man.

But look at the cool "power chain" that Matt got put over his bands.  He thinks it looks really cool.


I think it looks like it's already paid for, so I'm good with it.  Does this power chain now make him a Power Ranger?


  1. Paid for braces are a beautiful thing. I wonder if I could convince an orthodontist to give me free braces in exchange for a review on my blog...

  2. Braces always remind me of that Partridge Family episode where Laurie was singing off tune because her braces were catching radio waves...LOL!

    Glad Matt thinks it's cool! My sister always hated her braces.


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