Thursday, February 4, 2010

They're Everywhere

Both kids have had braces over the last several years.  It seems like this is a neverending story.  First Matt had a limited set.  Then Mackenzie got an appliance to adjust her jaw for over a year.  She spent the following 1 1/2 years in braces - the last 1/2 year was because she, um, "forgot" to wear her rubberbands as the orthodontist had directed her.  She was liberated in July 2008 just in time for Matt to get a full set of braces a couple of months later.  His braces are now in their extended stay period.  Yep, same reason.

In order to remind himself to wear the rubberbands, Matt keeps little packs of these things all over the place.  Consequently, those little things escape all over the house and car.  All over.

One of Matt's favorite storage facilities for these little beauties is in the van catch all tray.  Right near my pens, spare change, XM remote, and cell phone rests one of the MANY packs of rubberbands.


One day, I will be able to report that these things no longer reside in my van.  Or on the kitchen island.  Or on the dining room floor.  Or in his jeans pockets that he forgot to clean out before he threw them in the laundry room.  Uh huh.


  1. I remember having those rubber bands. Mine would just pop...and we'd find them everywhere. I need to make an appointment for Katie to go. But when I am still paying Michael's bills from last year, the last thing I want to add to my plate is an orthodontic bill!

  2. We have the same problem with tissues...they don't come out of the washing machine quite as neatly as rubber bands though. ;)


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